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Valentine's Day Overrated

The short answer to this question is… no! Valentine’s Day is not overrated, not by a long shot. That said, Valentine’s Day isn’t about how much you spent on a gift or an over-the-top declaration of love. It’s about letting your someone special know they mean the world to you and making an effort to show your love and appreciation. If preparations for V-day have you stressing, don’t sweat it–Team TGC has your back!  We’ve collected some great ideas to make your special someone feel special and celebrate your love.


Celebrating your relationship is never overrated!Valentine's Day is not overrated

You may think Valentine’s Day isn’t important to your partner, but here’s why you’re likely wrong: 

  • According to WalletHub, 53% of women said they would break up with their significant other if they didn’t receive anything on Valentine’s Day
  • Roughly 31% of people expect their Valentine to spend at least $50 on a gift, according to WalletHub’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Survey.
  • Approximately 9M marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day and 48% surveyed agreed that proposing on Valentine’s Day is romantic
  • $1.3B will be spent on Valentine’s cards alone

Needless to say, Valentine’s Day is not overrated and more important than you think. Soon after the holidays, start taking note if she is dropping clues for date ideas. For example,  she is mentioning a new restaurant she wants to try? Or says she needs a new pair of headphones for the gym? If she’s not dropping hints, pay closer attention to her needs. Is she overwhelmed at work? Busy with the kids’ PTA? Did she take up a new hobby? Taking the temperature on where she is mentally and emotionally will help you figure out the best way to celebrate. Plus, your honey will see you’ve been in tune with her all this time.  


Get creative with your Valentine’s Day plans Go glamping Valentine's Day is not overrated

What makes Valentine’s day so special is knowing that the person you love spent time planning something special. Instead of the typical flowers and dinner date, it’s time to get creative! 

Glamping for Two

If you’re looking to get away for Valentine’s Day, consider glamping. You may already know, but glamping is glamorous camping that provides some luxuries and comforts of home. Imagine camping with a queen size bed and running water in a yurt, or unplugging in a decked out treehouse. Your partner may not be the outdoorsy type, so glamping gets you into the wilderness without sacrificing those amenities you know she’ll want. Commit to leaving the phones off during your trip and reconnect by spending quality time. Try hiking, hitting some biking trails, or spending the night by a romantic campfire roasting marshmallows. You can find glamping locations throughout North America at or

A Fun and Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Another creative activity is planning a scavenger hunt filled with fun and sexy clues! This will get your partner excited to play outside and inside the bedroom. First thing’s first, decide if your partner will be up for this type of adult game before you go all out. Spice things up by starting in the morning with the first clue by email or a note on their car before they leave for work. This will build the excitement throughout the day and get your honey’s mind racing about what’s in store for them when they get home. If you’re not the creative writer type, no worries–you can easily find premade clues when you google scavenger hunt for valentine’s day

|ThoughtfulGuy Tip: If you have kids, make sure you plan a few weeks ahead and set up a babysitter or the grandparents to take them for the evening! 

6 Days of the Sweetheart

This next gem of an idea I stole from my ThoughtfulGuy hero of a husband! He gave me full permission to share this one with the fellas who struggle in the romance department. It’s called “6 Days of the Sweetheart” where you plan six days of gift-giving leading up to Valentine’s Day. The gifts are wrapped, numbered one through six, and displayed in an area she’ll find when she wakes up in the morning. Each day, your lady rolls the dice to see which gift she gets to open that day. It will be fun to watch the anticipation on her face when she wakes up in the morning!  Gifts can range between her favorite candy, scented candles, or sexy lingerie…pretty much anything you think she would love! Ultimately, the point of this game is to show that you’ve paid attention to her favorite things. I can tell you from personal experience, this is a winner every year! Purely because I know my #thoughtfulhero has put in a ton of effort to surprise me.


Valentine's Day is not overratedHow to celebrate the other 364 days a year

Now that you have Valentine’s Day planned out perfectly (and know to NEVER to tell your lady that Valentine’s Day is overrated!), it’s time to think about how you want to celebrate your love the rest of the year. 

Date like it’s 1999

If there’s one ThoughtfulGuy tip that I hope you leave with, it’s this: never stop dating! If you’ve been together five months or five years, your wife/girlfriend will always appreciate your taking the lead to plan an evening or day out. The ultimate goal is to make her feel like she did when you first started dating. It can be as simple as a picnic in the park, a walk on the beach, or a simple wine and game night at home. I’ll say it again for the guys in the back… it’s not about how expensive the date is, all we want is quality time! Life gets busy with jobs, kids, and other obligations. Making an effort to always date will help prioritize your relationship. 

Love notes that leave a mark

One thing that we ladies can’t get enough of are random love notes! If your partner is anything like me, she keeps every card you’ve given her in a box under the bed or in the closet. Giving her a “just because I love you” card on any given day will put a smile on her face. Trust me, you’ll be rewarded big time (just use your imagination)! Thankfully, ThoughtfulGuy Cards can help you out with this when you sign up for one of our packages. Simply add a few non-holiday dates on your occasions calendar to have some “just because” cards on hand, and we take care of the rest. Check out our different packages to pick the perfect plan for your needs!


|ThoughtfulGuy Tip: While you’re at it, next time you need to pick up eggs and juice at the grocery store on your way home, peruse the flower department. Picking up  “just because” bouquet of flowers may not seem like a lot, but it will mean everything to her!


Bottom line is Valentine’s Day is not overrated!  Celebrate your love every day of the year, but take time to make Valentine’s Day extra special. Lucky for you, you have ThoughtfulGuy Cards and me, your ThoughtfulGuy Wingwoman, to help ensure you knock it out of the park!